Classification of packaging

- Apr 28, 2019-

Realize the value of goods and use value, and is a means to increase the value of goods;
(2) protection of goods, from the sun, rain, dust pollution and other natural factors, to prevent volatile, leakage, melting, pollution, collision, extrusion, loss and theft and other losses;
(3) to the circulation link storage, transportation, adjustment, sales bring convenience, such as loading and unloading, inventory, palletizing, shipping, receiving goods, transshipment, sales count;
(4) beautify the goods, attract customers, is conducive to promotion.

According to the scope of product sales: domestic product packaging, export product packaging;
According to the role of packaging in the circulation process: there are single package, middle package and outer package;
According to packaging materials: paper products packaging, plastic products packaging, metal packaging, bamboo packaging, glass container packaging and composite materials packaging;
According to the number of packaging use points: one packaging, multiple packaging and turnover packaging;
According to the degree of hardness of packaging containers: hard packaging, semi-hard packaging and soft packaging;
By product category: food packaging, drug packaging, mechanical and electrical products equipment packaging, dangerous goods packaging;
By function: transport packaging, storage packaging and sales packaging;
According to the packaging technology: shockproof packaging, moisture-proof packaging, rustproof packaging, mildew proof packaging;
9. Classification according to packaging structure: laminated packaging, blister packaging, heat shrinkable packaging, portable packaging, pallet packaging, combination packaging, etc

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