Clothing packaging

- Aug 16, 2019-

The main function of inner packaging is to keep the quantity of clothing convenient for transportation and inventory, and to ensure the storage and transportation of clothing. This kind of packaging materials mostly use OPP or CPP transparent plastic, except for a few large brands, generally printing is relatively simple, and even no printing of transparent plastic bags. Chinese style
Outer packing generally adopts corrugated carton, wooden box and plastic woven bag, which is convenient for transportation and storage. At the same time, corresponding moisture-proof measures should be taken. Generally, printing is simple, as long as it can reflect the basic information of the content. Chinese style
Terminal packaging (i.e. clothing shopping bags) is mainly used for display and easy to carry by customers. Therefore, this layer of packaging and printing is quite exquisite, while the style design is also diverse, apparel enterprises generally regard such packaging as an important part of the enterprise, this part of packaging from material to form to printing are very diverse. Paper, plastic and cloth are the three most commonly used materials. From a formal point of view, it includes hanging bag, zipper bag (three sides), portable and other common forms.

Outer packing inspection 

1.1.1 carton
  A) Paper boxes should be kept clean, firm and dry inside and outside, suitable for long distance transportation.

   B) Paper box should be lined with moisture-proof material, which has the function of protecting commodities.

   C) Bottom Cover is tightly sealed and firm, sealed paper is affixed correctly, both sides are drooping 10c_m.

   D)The size of outer packing is suitable.

1.1.2 wooden cases

  a) The boards should be clean, and boxes that are moth-eaten, mouldy, damp and rotten are not allowed to be used. Adapt to long distance transportation.

  B) No nail tip should be exposed in the wooden box.

 C)The inner of the box should be lined with moisture-proof material, which has the function of protecting commodities.

  D)The reinforcing belt should be straightened, tightened appropriately, not allowed to fall off and fastened firmly.

1.1.3 Plastic woven bag packaging

  A) Plastic Material weaving Clean inside and outside of woven bags, non-polluting, packing bags should be firm, flat and suitable for long distance transportation.

  B)Sealing must be strict no leakage of goods woven bags without breakage   

   B) Label Mark Label Label Label Label Label Label 1.1.4 Label Mark Label Label Label Label
The outer marks of boxes (bags bags) should be clearly and correctly marked, and there should be no pollution. _
1.2 Inspection of Inside Packaging Inspection of Inside Packaging
1.2.1 Paper folding should be straightforward and suitable for binding. _1.2.3 The inside and outside of the box (bag) are clean, dry 1.2.4 The outside marking of the box (bag) is clear. Chinese style
1.2.6 The transparency of plastic bags should be strong, and the requirements of printed patterns should be clear and not fall off, and be consistent with the upper and lower directions of the garments.