How to choose food packaging?

- Apr 24, 2019-

Nowadays food blister packaging can be seen everywhere, supermarkets, fruit stores, vegetable farms, you can see the figure of blister packaging, in daily life, we sometimes buy some blister packaging to hold food, what is the blister box is safe?
Above all, when consumer is buying these to blister pack, should see clearly whether to have QS mark, production license number, manufacturer, production address information, improve blister pack product quality to ensure.
Next, should choose the product with good package, notice production date and expiration date, choose the package product inside expiration date as far as possible, have bacterium, mould in case.
Again, we look at the appearance.
We should try to choose colorless transparent products without decorative patterns.
We still can smell, can smell smell to have peculiar smell first, when preventing use, be in bad taste with food, affect food safety.
Finally we have to pinch the blister box is too soft, try not to choose to pinch up too soft products.
Xukang blister packaging surface smooth, uniform color.