Jewelry box classification

- Aug 20, 2017-

The leather jewelry box combines the elements of fashion with the classical flavor, and is permeated with a strong modern flavor. Crocodile is generally divided into Pizhu box, plain Pizhu box, are more representative.

Wooden jewelry box processing tells you, wooden beads box is simple and elegant, suitable for elegant temperament, women use. Generally divided into rosewood jewelry box, jewelry box, jewelry box, pine oak, mahogany ebony wood jewelry box, jewelry box, the most distinctive is wood products. Walnut is wood, because of slow growth, its pattern, fine texture, and European pine jewelry box is representative of the nation as often as material technology.

Mahogany wood darker, heavier, harder material, usually wood itself has its own exudes fragrance, which made the antique jewelry box, very texture. Rosewood, as a kind of rosewood, is made of jewelry boxes. The color of the jewelry box is quiet and the texture is hidden or vivid.

Wooden jewelry box processing has told you pine pine scent, yellowish and boils scar more. This made the jewelry box natural color, texture clear and beautiful, pure bright color, showing a sense of chastity. In the hustle and bustle of the city, to meet the people return to nature, return to my true psychological appeal. But pine wood soft, easy to crack, and easy to change color, so in the daily use of the process should pay attention to maintenance.

"China oak oak", the hard material, high strength, heavy, dense wood texture is unique, clear and beautiful. Oak wood moisture resistance, abrasion resistance, good decorative performance, colored soil. Jewelry box with oak made with elegant calm, elegant simplicity.

Mahogany wood hard light, dry shrinkage, heartwood reddish brown, but also have more luster. It has different diameter section lines, showing the silk shape, very beautiful, elegant and delicate texture with a satin feel. The wood is easy to spin, cut and cut. It has fine sculpture, good coating, viscose, dyeing and fixing. The jewelry box made of this material has noble and elegant appearance.

Ebony Wood heart sapwood distinction clear, sapwood white (with yellow brown or reddish brown to grey); black heartwood (black or a chaos Emerald) and irregular black heartwood (its depth and stripe arrangement). Wood surface gloss, feel warm, no special smell. The texture is black and white. The material is hard, heavy, delicate, resistant to decay and durable. It is a valuable furniture and handicraft material. The jewelry box made of this kind of material is steady and heavy, not only in the eyes, but also in the hands. Fishes swimming wood subtle and not open, partly hidden and partly visible, such as satin smooth touch.