Making process of gift box

- Aug 20, 2017-

Gift box manufacturers in production, also has its own order, detailed explanation is gift box manufacturing process. In ancient times, gifts have their own exclusive packaging, such as solid wood engraving complexity of the process, but also reflects the different grades of products.

In modern society, there are solid wood gift boxes, but with the idea of environmental protection, gift box industry has gradually increased the choice of many materials, such as paper, wood, hand knitting and so on.

Before making the gift box, it is necessary to carry on the design, do a good job of design patterns, facilitate late construction, view the problem. Then decide the material and color, the material is usually paper, use a lot of, also have manual bamboo strip preparation, color is also rich and colorful, very beautiful.

The second step is to choose the thickness of cardboard, different product needs, as much as possible to select good load-bearing, protect products.

After that, the printing process. When printing, the design concept should be embodied, and the problems of color mixing and other problems will be avoided, so as to avoid problems.

Then, surface treatment technology is carried out. There are different steps such as photoresist, UV and so on, and then can be selected according to the product.

Another important thing is beer, which affects the effect of printing.

Finally, mount, gift box production in accordance with this order, and finally completed the gift box produced, and I hope to help you.