Method for designing outer package of products

- Aug 20, 2017-

Packaging design methods often used in deformation, extrusion, stacking, reorganization, decoration and other additional specific techniques to reflect its cultural connotation, characteristics of the specific image can be reflected in all aspects of packaging style, style, color, graphics, text and material. Packaging design styles, design a variety of forms, from the simplicity of the original folk packaging to the avant-garde of modern creative packaging, from traditional style to the simple style gorgeous packaging, and even luxury excessive packaging and so on. Even the liquor bottle packing the same, can also be designed with rough or delicate soft polarized style. All kinds of packaging can be different sizes, length, width of the different design, so that people from the free choice, which led to the packaging trend of uncertainty and uncertainty.

In the shape of the packaging, the traditional packaging methods and concepts have also been challenged, just look at the liquor packaging, from the appearance, or is all inclusive, or transparent, or ambiguous, or complicated, or simple, or extensive, or narrow, or layers, irregular or disorderly. Full of intense personalization and diversity. In the packaging structure, by synthesis, clear steering, decomposition, fuzzy. To build a distinctive structure design method of deconstruction into the traditional three-dimensional graphic and three-dimensional shape, will combine to various parts of the structure reconstruction of packaging, which is free, loose, fuzzy, mutation, motion and structure design of anti conventional features, thus forming a new visual effect.

Packaging colors (including combinations of graphics, fonts, and variations) have a low purity of natural Pastel Color, overlapping with high purity, gorgeous, stimulating colors. Some show the lively and interesting and dramatic packaging by whimsical mutual exclusion. In addition, through cascading, combination, transparent, texture design used in the material, the color gradient shading orderly and disorderly changes, add infinite charm for packaging. In packaging materials, it also shows obvious diversity and richness, which is embodied in the material, species, shape, structure, texture, texture and combination of each other. Some designers also creatively use the techniques of deformation, hollowing and combination to enrich the appearance of the material, endow the material with a new image, and emphasize the aesthetic value of the material design.