Product packaging design recommendations

- May 14, 2019-

Product packaging box design color should pay attention to: more than 80% of the information from the visual, the grasp and use of packaging color can directly reflect the inherent characteristics of some goods, this kind of goods is likely to become the buyer's first choice of goods.According to the inherent color or commodity attributes, the use of color visualization is an important means of color design.Be like cake dim sum to wait for food package to use yellow more often, tea, coffee, whisky, beer to wait for beverage to use tea more often, the lemon shampoo in cosmetic package designs citric yellow.These use the color of the commodity itself in the packaging color reproduction, is the most able to give people homologous association, so that the internal goods have a basic concept of the impression.Of course, there is also the phenomenon of the opposite, some product packaging box design bold use of color contrast, to achieve better and more strange effect, but if the control is not good, it will backfire.The design of packaging structure is based on the protection, convenience and other basic functions of packaging as well as the actual production conditions.An excellent structural design should take effective protection of commodities as the primary function;Secondly, the convenience of using, carrying, displaying and shipping should be considered.Consider to be able to reuse as far as possible even, can show the function such as content inside outfit.The integral style of the product packaging design, for different categories of products, because his appeal to consumers point is different, his design style must be suited to the requirements of the product's demands, such as high-grade and low-grade goods on the value of goods, functional or pharmaceutical products and daily consumption model of products are obviously different in the style of the whole.The overall style and appeal of functional products and medicines should be more rational, so that consumers can have a sense of trust.For food and daily necessities, emotional appeal.We are convinced that packing is a powerful means of establishing the affinity between products and consumers.Today's economic globalization, packaging and goods have been integrated.As a means of realizing commodity value and using value, packaging plays an extremely important role in production, circulation, sales and consumption.