What are the materials of gift box packing factory?

- Aug 20, 2017-

When we see a package of exquisite gifts, exquisite gift box packaging gifts for many, but people for gift box packaging plant and how much of the material? Today we have a look at the gift box packaging plant materials are what, which is the most common, what are the characteristics?.

Paper products, now seen on the market for the majority of paper Hebei gift box packaging, such materials are relatively low cost, but also has the characteristics of easy degradation, with environmental characteristics, is undoubtedly the most ideal material.

Plastic products, some things have a certain water solubility, with paper packaging boxes are easily soaked, so gift box packaging plant plastic packaging.

Metal products, as a gift box, it can be said that in order to highlight the characteristics of tall, can bring people a sense of metal.

Bamboo products, this material gives people a natural sense of simplicity, but generally higher cost, gift box packaging factory less.

Glass products, glass brings us a crystal clear feeling, can show a kind of extraordinary beauty, but it belongs to fragile goods, and the cost is too high, not suitable for promotion.

In short, the gift box packaging plant a lot of material, we can customize according to their own needs, but we should be in line with the principle of conservation and environmental protection.