What kinds of gift boxes ?

- Aug 20, 2017-

According to some data at present, China's gift spending more than tens of billions of market requirements, the appearance of gifts is more and more high, the business is more and more, the idea and design the gift box manufacturers began to focus on more gift box above environmental protection, especially in the tea gift box wine gift box industry, gift boxes of different kinds the gift needs are different.

1 according to the material to points, paper, plastic, glass, wood and other materials, paper packaging with simple products can, other high-end products can also be used in special materials, such as high-end wine boxes highlight the temperament, appearance is very beautiful, people will be very satisfied with the love of wine.

According to the 2 types of processing, the factory is divided into custom and handmade custom, handmade gift box price is relatively high, but a sense of design, production is also very beautiful, generally meet the requirements of high population, if it is a gift box for high-end products, mass production can choose the gift box manufacturers making.

Gift box industry is also gradually toward the private custom line, very consistent with the current pursuit of personality, flaunt the trend of the requirements.