Common Questions And Answers At Tmall Overseas Stores Shopping

- Aug 29, 2019-

Question 1: how to look at the shelf life and production dates of overseas commodities?
A: the production date and shelf life are usually marked on the outer packing of overseas commodities.
More products will be labeled as final insurance
Quality time, the specific identification is subject to the received packaging.
Question 2: do you provide invoices for Tmall overseas stores?
A: the import of domestic goods through general trade is supported by the provision of electronic invoices supervised by Chinese tax authorities, except
Goods other than these are shipped and sold directly from overseas by merchants, so they cannot be provided under the supervision of Chinese tax authorities
Invoices, including electronic invoices.
Three questions: Tmall overseas stores shopping, how long to deliver?
What are the shipping rules?
Answer: Tmall overseas direct distribution rules generally fall into two categories:
(1) goods directly sold overseas and bonded imported shall be delivered within 120 hours after the buyer's payment (excluding China and delivery)
Delivery within the time agreed with the buyer, unless there are special rules.
(2) goods imported from stock shall be delivered within 72 hours after the buyer's payment, for customization, pre-sale and other special circumstances
Except for goods whose delivery time is otherwise agreed upon, the delivery time of the merchant shall be recorded in the express delivery company's system
Between the shall prevail.

Problem 4: when can goods of domestic storehouse deliver goods download electron bill?
Answer: after the order status changes to "successful transaction", the electronic invoice corresponding to the order can be downloaded.
The invoice will be issued immediately when you click "confirm receipt".
Under special circumstances such as the emergence of tax invoice system more
New, overload, etc., may need three working days to obtain electronic invoice.
Q 5: do overseas commodities in Tmall have Chinese labels?
A: if you buy goods that are normally imported under the general trade mode, they will be labeled in Chinese.
If purchased
Goods traded across borders are generally not labeled in Chinese.
Problem 6: in Tmall overseas direct sale store shopping, must upload id card information?
Can I not upload it?
Answer: at present Tmall overseas direct sale commodity by the import spot commodity and the overseas cross-border commodity composition, the different commodity's qing dynasty
The steps are different.
(1) if you are buying overseas direct mail or imported bonded goods, then according to the requirements of China customs, from the sea
The goods that buy directly outside need individual buyer to provide the id information of consignee to undertake individual article entry to declare, this is positive
Regular process, if you do not upload or do not upload customs clearance materials in time, it may lead to customs clearance failure, goods
Things can't be delivered.
In order to ensure the delivery of goods to your hands as soon as possible, jingtao e-commerce xiaobian suggest you timely
Pass the photo of the front and back of the id card.
(2) if you are buying imported spot goods with the import spot mark, such goods have passed one
General trade import form to complete customs clearance, so do not need to upload id information.