Corrugated Paper

- May 14, 2019-

A-type corrugated and b-type corrugated are generally used as external packing boxes for transportation, and beer boxes are generally made of b-type corrugated.E stare blankly used as a more beautiful requirements and contents into the appropriate weight sheet packing boxes, corrugated and G F corrugated collectively referred to as micro corrugated board, is a kind of extremely thin corrugated, used as a hamburger, cream paste cakes and other food disposable packaging container, or used as a micro electric products such as digital cameras, portable audio system and refrigerated goods packaging.

Corrugated began at the end of the 18th century, the beginning of the 19th century because of its light and cheap, widely used, simple production, and can be recycled and even reused, so that its application has a significant growth.By the beginning of the 20th century, has been a variety of goods for the production of packaging and comprehensive popularity, promotion and application.Because the packaging container made of corrugated board has its unique performance and advantages to beautify and protect the goods inside, it has achieved great success in the competition with a variety of packaging materials.So far, it has become one of the main materials for making packaging containers with long use and rapid development.Corrugated board is made of surface paper, inner paper, core paper and corrugated corrugated paper processed by bonding.According to the demand of commodity packaging, corrugated board can be processed into single-sided corrugated board, three-layer corrugated board, five-layer, seven-layer, 11-layer corrugated board (as shown in figure 1, figure 2, figure 3).Single-sided corrugated board is generally used as the lining protection layer of commodity packaging or the production of light card grid, pad to protect the goods in the storage and transportation process of vibration or impact, three and five layers of corrugated board is commonly used in the production of corrugated boxes.The packaging of many goods through three or five layers of corrugated board for simple and elegant packaging, corrugated boxes or corrugated boxes printed on the surface of beautiful and colorful graphics and pictures, not only protect the inherent goods, but also promote and beautify the inherent goods.Many of the three or five layers of corrugated board made of corrugated boxes or corrugated boxes have been directly on the sales counter and become sales packaging.Seven or eleven layer corrugated board mainly for mechanical and electrical, tobacco, furniture, motorcycles, large household appliances, such as the production of packaging boxes.In the specific goods, can be made of this corrugated board combination inside, outside box, easy to produce, easy to dress, storage and transportation of goods.With the needs of environmental protection and related national policy requirements, this kind of corrugated board production of commodity packaging, has gradually replaced the trend of wooden box packaging.