Elements Of Package Design

- Aug 20, 2017-

Packaging plan refers to the selection of appropriate packaging materials, the use of wonderful craft skills for packaging products held containers, layout and packaging decorative landscaping plan. You can see the three elements of the package plan. These three components, now well-known planning agencies, such as Beijing Xilin plans to apply more appropriate!

Shape factor

The shape factor is the shape of the package surface, including the size, size and shape of the display surface. As usual, we see 3 forms of life, namely, natural, artificial, and accidental. But when we study the form of a product, we must find a form for any form of nature, namely, a collection of common discipline, called abstract form.

The form constitution is the form factor, or this is the form factor, therefore it affirms the method, the rule constitutes each change, the multi side form. The form is composed of several elements, such as dots, lines, planes and bodies. The shape of the packing: fresh visual tension, cuboid, cylinder and cone shape and the combination of various shapes and cutting of various forms due to differences in packaging form of consumer guide plays a very important role, the visual form peculiar to consumers impressed. The plan holds that packaging planners must be familiar with the characteristics of the elements themselves and their feelings, and this is the material that reflects the beauty of the situation.

When we consider the elements of a package plan, we must also understand it from the perspective of the beauty of the situation. According to the situation of the packing plan and the characteristics of the product combination of the United States and the United States, various factors are combined organically and naturally so as to achieve a perfect and unified plan image.