Gift Box Design Six Elements

- Aug 20, 2017-

The gift box is often seen in our daily life, from the aesthetic point of view, some things impressed us, some things do not keep, which mainly depends on the gift box design elements, a successful packaging box design is cannot do without the following, go with me into into design elements:

(1) gift box selection: the correctness of the choice of materials directly affect the competitiveness of the goods, so the first is very important;

(2) packaging color: the color design and product the best coordination, this point is very important, this is the elements to stimulate consumer spending, reasonable color combination, showing the characteristics of products, strong appeal to customers;

(3) the shape of the packing: it is very important to design the packing shape according to the physical property of the goods. We should take the transportation, display and other factors into consideration;

(4) the design of the packaging box: This is the core element which leaves the impression of the product to the user. It is also the main element to test the designer, and the indispensability is the key;

(5) commodity label: this part of content can let us have the certain understanding to the commodity, including brand, date of manufacture, validity, use method and so on;

(6) brand: each commodity has its own brand. This physical property is characteristic of it, not what other products can have. We must ensure its accuracy.