Gift Box With Diversified Structure Design

- Aug 20, 2017-

Modern single ceremony box construction, transformation situation is different. As most in need of paper products, the construction conditions have been carried out and the process of decoration, corrugated, carton, high strength corrugated composite board as refurbished products, corrugated structure horizontal change the traditional corrugated cardboard, closely arranged vertically with corrugated structure, can complete the change of heavy duty corrugated paperboard, honeycomb paperboard and high-grade wood gift box packaging, a new type of environmentally friendly packaging materials. As a product of packaging carton, progressive waterproof performance is particularly important.

Corrugated boxes of individual practices are waterproof and moisture-proof contrast, poor performance, through the use of carton recycling effect has great trouble and difficulties. While the new regeneration by using waterproof carton, can be added to the resin containing hydrolysis, waterproof, moisture-proof performance can get better progress, regeneration, easy degradation, in the process of application, rather than coated carton fantasy. It can be said that the structure of modern packaging, decoration from simple sales packaging, transport packaging, change the structure of function, to change the packaging, to prevent the characteristics of soil and water loss in the decoration process of corrugated boxes, high-grade gift boxes this paper coated with a layer of special material, can make the goods in the rest of anticorrosion the cabinet without the measure, can be kept for more than five years, the function is highly active copper net results, it can effectively play the role of erosion and gas. Along with the development of circular economy, the paper products consumption structure, the slow pace of technological innovation, is the ecological barrier, energy saving, material saving, lower consumption, economic development direction, to benefit, paper and wood paper adhesive paper, glass, paper and metal, will become the mainstream of modern than a period of time of commodity packaging cases the future.