How To Fold Gift Boxes?

- Aug 20, 2017-

We all know what a gift box is, so can you fold the gift box? Personally folded it, in fact, their own hand folding is quite beautiful, the following to start with the operation.

Take out the square white paper, fold it diagonally, fold the other corner, and open it;

Fold the sides of the corner along the diagonal line, leave a clear crease in the expansion, and the other three corners are also repeated;

In the center of the square origami we will see the shape of the eight sides of the crease, along the eight edge shaped two adjacent edges folded, forming triangular protuberance on the right side of the same steps; folding; eventually form the two triangular protuberance;

The triangular protuberance is large, flat open from the middle, screaming like to scream on both sides of the middle open, pull petal like, the other part of the operation is repeated, to put it up, forming a square box.

The procedure is rather complicated, but it's easy to understand and we can do it ourselves.

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