National Day Nearly, Printing And Packaging Enterprises VOCs Emission Is Not Up To Standard, The Consequences Are Very Serious

- Sep 18, 2019-

If your enterprise's VOCs emission is not up to the standard, the consequences will be very serious!
In order to win the battle to protect the blue sky and further improve the air quality of the environment, as well as to give a great gift to the 70th birthday of the motherland, the ministry of ecology and environment and other departments around the country have issued various plans and documents to fight the battle to protect the environment.
Jiangsu province: shut down + ban!
Packaging and printing industry is the key rectification action inspection object divided into two categories: one is petrochemical, chemical, industrial coating, medicine, furniture, packaging and printing, oil storage and other key industries;
The other category is industrial parks and industrial clusters that emit volatile organic compounds.
We will strictly implement the "four standards of uniformity" for environmental violations found in inspections, and, in combination with comprehensive rectification, shut down all low-end and backward enterprises with high emission of volatile organic compounds and no hope of controlling them.
In addition, enterprises that fail to meet the emission standards and the control requirements of measures will be subject to strict punishment according to laws and regulations by means of daily continuous punishment, seizure and seizure, production limit and suspension, and be disclosed to the public every month.
Hebei: comprehensively strengthen the rectification of VOCs shijiazhuang launched the comprehensive control of VOCs(volatile organic compounds) summer battle action, formulated the "2019 comprehensive control of volatile organic compounds summer battle action plan.
Comprehensively strengthen the ink, adhesive, plastic products and other industries VOCs governance;
For the printing industry, plastic soft packaging printing enterprises promote the use of water alcohol ink, single component solvent ink, solvent-free composite technology, co-extrusion composite technology.
Guizhou province: comprehensive screening of VOCs emission from packaging and printing industries guizhou province issued the implementation plan for comprehensive management of volatile organic compounds in key industries of guizhou province.
Focusing on the petrochemical, chemical, packaging and printing industries, VOCs materials should be controlled, and the responsible enterprises should be guided to complete the standardized management of pollution prevention and control by vigorously promoting the substitution of source, strengthening the control of unorganized emission, building appropriate and efficient pollution control facilities, and strengthening the operation and management of enterprises.
Guangdong province: establish a detailed list of VOCs emissions, compaction of corporate responsibility 1, maintain strategic focus, establish a detailed list of VOCs emissions.
Second, highlight key points, pay close attention to the implementation of governance measures.
3. Promote source substitution and strengthen service guidance.

Fourth, strengthen supervision and law enforcement, compaction of the main responsibility of enterprises.
Ningxia: focusing on VOCs special treatment of printing and other key industries shizuishan issued the special treatment work plan of VOCs pollution in shizuishan, focusing on 8 key industries including printing, furniture manufacturing and textile printing and dyeing.
Jiangxi province: printing VOCs emissions standards from jiangxi market supervision bureau, province ecological environment agency jointly issued the volatile organic compounds emission standard, the industry is divided into organic chemical, pharmaceutical manufacturing, printing, plastic products, automobile manufacturing and furniture manufacture and so on six parts, respectively all kinds of industry production enterprises or production facilities of limits on emissions of volatile organic compounds, the production technology and management demands, monitor and supervise the implementation.
Jiangsu: strengthen VOCs governance, reduce total VOCs emission by more than 20%. Suzhou will strengthen VOCs governance and strengthen the governance of key VOCs industry this year, and complete the VOCs governance project listed in the special action of "two minus six cure three improvement" in 2019.
We will encourage and guide enterprises and consumers to replace clean coatings, solvents and raw materials.
By 2020, the total amount of VOCs emission in the city should be cut by more than 20% compared with 2015, and the target task assigned by the superiors should be fulfilled.
Shaanxi shangluo: packaging and printing for implementation of VOCs emissions key industries regulation scheme accelerating shangluo volatile organic pollutants in the city management, promote the environmental air quality continues to improve, to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, promoting VOCs control in key industries, various counties (districts) to implement a chemical, industrial coating, packaging and printing to volatile organic compounds VOCs emissions such as key industry regulation schemes.
Zhejiang: all enterprises should carry out the annual VOCs control task, and hangzhou xiaoshan should organize and hold the whole region volatile organic matter pollution control and key enterprise training meeting, and put forward the requirements for the next step of the whole region volatile organic matter pollution control.
Each enterprise should carry out annual management task requirement, make "one factory one policy", carry out the installation of efficient management facility, ensure management is in place one pace;
All towns and streets should strengthen guidance, supervision and services, and do a good job in the annual volatile organic pollution control work.
Puyang city, kaifeng city and zhengzhou city ecological environment bureau introduced the experience and practice of VOCs management and monitoring, and the provincial environmental monitoring center carried out understanding and training on the installation specifications of VOCs online monitoring.
Deputy director of VOCs management for 2019 key work to re-mobilize, re-deployment, re-arrangement, and then supervise.
It is pointed out that we should deepen our understanding and unswervingly promote the management of volatile organic compounds.
Second, we need to make our tasks clearer and focus unswervingly on key tasks.
Third, we must take responsibility for compaction, unswervingly implement, and achieve results.
Jilin: the implementation of "one enterprise with one policy" volatile organic compounds the comprehensive control measures of changchun city issued by the "2019 annual list of key units" changchun volatile organic compounds, to rich the automotive transmission shaft branch 58 units such as supervision, the implementation of "one enterprise with one policy" volatile organic compounds of comprehensive control measures, to ensure that volatile organic compound emissions standards, help win battle the blue sky.
Enterprises that violate environmental protection laws and regulations shall be ordered to make corrections according to the air pollution prevention and control law of the People's Republic of China and fined between 20,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan.
Those who refuse to make corrections shall be ordered to stop production for rectification.
Liaoning: to establish a long-term mechanism for VOCs pollution prevention and control, wafangdian should take measures according to local conditions and highlight the key points, so as to solve the outstanding problems of lagging VOCs pollution control and low operational efficiency of pollution control facilities.
Establish a long-term mechanism of VOCs pollution prevention and control to promote the continuous improvement of environmental air quality and the green development of industry.
Enterprises should take the initiative to disclose environmental information such as emission of VOCs component pollutants, construction and operation of treatment facilities.
Guangxi: strengthening the prevention and control of volatile organic compounds (vocs) in qinzhou city
Volatile organic matter pollution prevention and control work, improve the management of scientific, pertinence and effectiveness, and promote continuous improvement of air environmental quality, promote the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions together, strengthen the new pollutant emission control, the stationary sources pollution permission management, strengthening basic capacity building and policy support, adjust measures to local conditions, to the point, source control, differentiated ShiCe, establish long-term effective mechanism of VOCs pollution prevention, promote key industries VOCs pollution reduction, promote green environmental air quality continues to improve and industry development.
Hubei: focus on the prevention and control of volatile organic compounds and ozone pollution.
The plan calls for the prevention and control of volatile organic compounds and ozone pollution, including accelerating comprehensive treatment of volatile organic compounds, banning outdoor spraying operations in urban areas, outdoor burning of waste materials such as garbage and leaves, and conducting outdoor barbecues and catering smoke control.
We will strengthen supervision and management of environmental protection for motor vehicles, carry out special rectification for diesel trucks, control pollution from non-road mobile machinery, and recycle and control oil and gas.
We will actively promote the upgrading of fuel and oil products.
Xining issued the action plan for the prevention and control of air pollution in xining in 2019 (hereinafter referred to as "the plan"), and launched a 153-day action plan for the prevention and control of air pollution in xining.
August 1 solstice, on December 31, in combination with the practical characteristics of atmospheric pollution of work at the present stage, mainly from the source of industrial emissions control, urban non-point source pollution control, mobile source pollution control, MeiYanXing pollution controls, deepen the zone from spreading, etc., to work, the full implementation of prevention and control of atmospheric pollution to ensure complete air quality was above 80%, PM2.5 concentrations appraisal benchmark year fell by 9% (i.e., control within the 44 microgram per cubic meter), and the annual goal of continued to decline compared to the same task.
In addition to some provinces and cities mentioned above, other regions in China are also making efforts to strengthen the management of voc emission, and even make precise stipulations on voc emission values of packaging and printing and other industries.
Through all levels of government as well as each