Packaging Industry As An Independent Industry System, Its Development Has Been Included In The National Economic And Social Development Planning.

- Apr 26, 2019-

On March 14, 2011, the outline of the 12th five-year plan for national economic and social development was officially announced and implemented.
According to the outline, the packaging industry should accelerate the development of advanced packaging equipment, new packaging materials and high-end packaging products.
With the rapid development of China's packaging industry, the role of packaging production in promoting national economic construction and improving people's material and cultural life is becoming increasingly apparent. As an independent industry system, the development of packaging industry has been included in the national economic and social development plan.
China's packaging industry has experienced a period of rapid development, has initially had a certain scale of production, the formation of materials, products, machinery, packaging printing, design and scientific research and other categories complete more complete packaging industry system, become an important part of China's manufacturing sector.
China's annual output of packaging products in the forefront of the world is corrugated board, plastic woven bag, composite packaging, metal bucket, corrugated board output in the world's second place.
In 2011, China's packaging industry had 7,977 enterprises above designated size, with 1,435,500 employees, 601,541 billion yuan of assets, 911.263 billion yuan of sales revenue and 63.499 billion yuan of profit.