Paper Price Trend Differentiation Wrapping Paper Culture Paper Two Days

- Jun 03, 2019-

The paper market fluctuated again in May, with a flurry of price increases on one side and wrapping paper on the other.
The price of paper began to show obvious differentiation in May. As downstream customers entered the stocking cycle, the price of cultural paper ushered in a wave of rising prices in May. Leading paper enterprises such as sun paper industry and chenming paper industry successively issued price rise letters.
Since the beginning of the year, the cultural paper represented by coated paper and double-adhesive paper has entered the downward range, and gradually entered the price stability period in April, and recently reached a new high price for the year.
Coated paper, double adhesive paper two kinds of paper are beginning to raise prices, price increases are 236 yuan/ton, 300 yuan/ton.
Data show that the current market price of coated paper is 5,916 yuan/ton, the price of double-adhesive paper is 6,929 yuan/ton, and in the beginning of this year to the middle of April, the price of two kinds of paper has been maintained at 5,680 yuan/ton, 6,629 yuan/ton around.
Reporters in a number of paper enterprises price letter to see that the cultural paper price rises mainly around June 1, the raw materials increase, environmental protection input is the main reason mentioned in the price letter, including huatai shares, chenming paper industry, bohui paper industry and other listed companies.
"The main stocking cycle for downstream customers of cultural paper is from June to August, and may is the peak period for orders.
In addition, the raw material end is also rising recently, the price of culture paper may continue to rise for some time, the supply of low grams of coated paper is even a little tight.
A large paper company executives to the Shanghai daily reporter said.
Culture paper resumed rising trend, packaging prices continue to be depressed.
Corrugated packaging paper represented by the price of the record high in the fourth quarter of 2017, after several times, finally in the fourth quarter of 2018 went down the altar, the price began to decline rapidly, until now there is still no sign of stop falling.
The latest market average price of corrugated paper is 4165 yuan/ton, compared with the peak of 6315 yuan/ton in November 2017, the price has dropped 35%, even compared with the price of corrugated paper at the beginning of the year, the price reduction is more than 200 yuan/ton.
Compared to the culture paper price letter, wrapping paper recently welcomed is a price reduction letter.
Nine dragons, mountain eagle, liwen and other major corrugated paper companies began to cut factory prices, some small factories also led by leading companies to cut factory prices, the range of 50 yuan/ton to 200 yuan/ton.
The upstream paper wrapping paper price trend recently, can only be described as "miserable".
Nine dragons paper has cut its scrap purchase price by 500 yuan a tonne in the past two days.
At present, the price of waste paper grade A unified goods has been close to 2000 yuan/ton, and the same period last year or 3600 yuan/ton.
Sinolink securities said in the research paper, leading paper packaging companies procurement price cuts, may indicate that this round of packaging prices have basically ended.
A person from a large paper company said, "in 2019, the release of new capacity is the main reason for the low price of wrapping paper market.
In the wrapping paper demand season, paper mill sales have serious obstruction, price reduction is the only way to ease the inventory pressure.
The person thinks, "the main corresponding downstream consumer market of cultural paper is teaching AIDS, books, office paper, etc., which is less sensitive to the change of external economic environment."