Pay Attention To The Tea Packing Box

- Aug 20, 2017-

Packing box of tea can well maintain the original flavor of tea, tea is very rich, instead of wooden packaging can be tea, there is exquisite.

Usually, everyone saw the gift box, as most of them are Green Tea box, occasionally red or white, green represents Green Tea, Black Tea, and white or other colors are very rare, probably has a lot to do with the human material, feel the nature of the green tea that is green Black Tea, must be red.

Tea packaging design, the first consideration is the material and structure, select the appropriate packaging materials, directly affects the quality of the product, which is decided by the special commodity attribute of this kind of tea, so easy to choose the precise structure, easy to open tea packaging materials. With the development of packaging industry and the combination of modern high and new technology, many new types of packaging have appeared.