Product Packaging Design Focus

- May 14, 2019-

The design of product packaging boxes should be guided by market orientation, consumers' psychological demands and preferences. On the basis of fully understanding the market and consumers, the analysis and analysis should be made. The overall situation of enterprises should be taken as the entry point, rather than the design and packaging for packaging

Enter the market, go deep into the minds of consumers, can have according to, so as to avoid behind closed doors, armchair strategist.At the same time, I can also think about the brand positioning and core brand appeal of an enterprise in an all-round way and have a clear direction, which is like installing a precision scope on a bow and arrow. Just think, if there is no clear leading direction, how can the exquisite packaging design arouse consumers' desire to buy and how can it gain their recognition and love?You have to find the personality characteristics of your product. People of the same age have different personality characteristics and the products are the same.The same kind of commodity also has its own characteristics.Comparing similar goods to find out the similarities and differences, the accurate positioning of goods, in line with the obvious characteristics of goods, these are the first entry point of packaging.Product packaging design should be different from the competitors.Take potato chips as an example. "pringles" potato chips are easily different from other plastic bags because of the paper bucket packaging, which is easy for consumers to identify.In addition, the packaging should be both a consumer role.Many products have special selling points, which determine that their consumption patterns are different. At this time, packaging design must have enough information for consumers to understand its particularity, or it will cause poor communication of product information.Finally, packaging makes the product portable.In the case of beverages, from bulk to glassware, PTT bottles have been developed to the present day, and the main consideration is the "mobility" of consumption.In addition, the difference in capacity between bottled drinks and paper-wrapped drinks is mainly due to the mobility of consumers.