What Are The Red Wine Gift Boxes?

- Aug 20, 2017-

A wine box, usually a box for holding bottles of wine. Material: wooden box, leather box, metal box and carton. Styling differences used for shock and decoration.

Wine aka box wine box, usually called Wine packing box about wine packing box, as the name suggests is Wine (red wine) packaging, wine cover has convenient transportation and storage function, while the positive perspective is conducive to the selling Wine (red wine).

Wine box (red wine box) classification

A wooden box, Wine (red box)

Usually include log Wine box (pine, with material such as Paulownia), imitation mahogany box Wine (multipurpose material MDF), used in Wine shape diversification of higher packaging.

Two, wine box (red wine leather box)

Wine leather box (red wine leather box) most accept PU, PVC and others made leather made, cortex packaging more appropriate wine characteristics, from the capacity can be divided into single support, double support, four pieces and six sets. Grape wine skin box

Grape wine skin box

Three, metal wine box (metal wine box)

Metal wine box market is less, not be widely used, most of the acceptance of aluminum alloy, iron, other alloys and other made.

Four wine cartons (red wine cartons)

Wine uses carton cardboard and corrugated paper and special paper and so on, because the raw materials are made to two times by other mining Mou, can be diversified, the other is to facilitate the process, Wine cartons have been widely used in Wine packaging above.